Who is Prepper Zero & what does it mean?

    You may be wondering or have thought, “what is prepper zero”? Well, let me begin by stating who is behind prepper zero. Jason Roberts is the creator/founder of “prepperzero.com”. Jason preps based on risk and by doing constant risk assessments. The ideal goal as a prepper is to prepare now to minimize the risk of not surviving later or, simply put, to increase the odds of survival. Hazards are made up of many different risks. Jason operates under the theory of identifying hazards so we can prepare for the risks. If we prepare for risk, we minimize the hazard. 

    The ultimate goal is to have ZERO risks. It’s not really feasible to have zero risks in reality. However, if our goal is zero risk then we will ultimately be as prepared as we possibly can. Prep-Per-Zero. In other words, “Prep for zero risks”.

   We analyze risk in everyday life. Most of the time our brain does it without us being conscious or aware of the task. When driving down the street in traffic we are constantly calculating risks. Taking the best routes and determining safe distances based on the risk we determine is there. If we can apply this same process of analyzing risks to prepping then we will be better prepared when faced with the predicted hazard. 

    If we are constantly consciously analyzing risk in a survival situation then we can better determine which risks to take and which ones to avoid. This process applies not only to everyday life but, when we are preparing our bug out location, homestead, bug out bags, and the gear we keep in it or acquire. Example: is the item you are considering putting in your bug out bag worth the weight it costs to carry for miles on foot? What are the pros and cons of having the item in your bag? 


“Preparing for zero risks”