Tactical LED Pen with Glass Breaker and Fire Starter – Tactical Pen Review


  If you are like me and use a pen often then you should check out the Tactical LED Pen with Glass Breaker and Fire Starter from survivalhax.com. I use a pen for work daily and I as I’m sure you know by now, I am also a prepper. I try to incorporate prepping in my life in as many ways as I can. I’ve taken a week to use this pen at work so I can properly review it. Here are my thoughts on the tactical pen.


This is probably the most important aspect of the pen. Does the pen function? Yes, it does. I am very picky about the pens I use because it is a tool that I use every day while pushing paperwork at work. The pen writes well in black ink. This pen does not write like a cheap dollar store pen does. It writes smooth. A bonus for me is the fact that the pens ink cartridge can be replaced when it runs out of ink.  

LED Light

The LED light that is on the back of the pen and is way brighter than I expected. The light is easy to turn on and off. It screws on/off with ease. The LED light function comes in handy for work. I used it a lot at times when I had to walk in dimly lit or dark areas. Since I always have a pen on me I now always have a light as well. I really like the LED light. In my opinion, this is the best function of the Tactical LED Pen with Glass Breaker and Fire Starter. Below are some images of the LED light.

Glass Breaker

The tactical pen comes with a glass breaker “cover” that is at the end of the pen. The glass breaker is attached very well and could also function as a self-defense tool in certain situations. I would hate to be on the receiving end of the glass breaker. There is no doubt in my mind that the glass breaker would break typical glass with ease.

Fire Starter

Survival Hax was really creative with how they incorporated the fire starter in this tactical pen. All you have to do is open the pen to access it. The fire starter is magnesium (Ferro rod). When I tested the fire starter out it was relatively easy to create a spark. I used my pocket knife and got the spark on about the third strike (it took me a second to get the correct angle). I haven’t seen any other tactical pens on the market that include a fire starter like this one.

Summary for the Tactical Pen

Overall I would rate this pen 4.5 out of 5 stars. The only reason I deducted half of a star is due to the size of the pen. The pen is kind of long. It is six inches long. But, to be honest, that is to be expected in a Tactical pen with as many functions as this. The pen is not heavy but it is made of a heavy duty material.  The website states that the pen is made out of Aviation aircraft aluminum. This pen is not cheaply made at all. It is well made and it functions very well. I would recommend this pen to any prepper, survivalist, EMT, Police, or anybody who uses a pen often for work. If you do not use a pen for work then this pen would do well in your vehicle. If you kept it in your vehicle or Bug out bag then you would have a pen, light, glass breaker and fire starter when you would most likely need it the most. I have had several tactical pens and this one is by far the best. You can purchase the Tactical Pen at: survivalhax.com