I’m a big fan of having as much cordage (paracord) as possible. It has become really impressive to see all the creative ways people and companies have figured out to incorporate survival items/tools with paracord. One thing is for certain; it’s a good thing and we (preppers, survivalists & bushcrafters) benefit from it. This EDC keychain is something that can be used as an everyday carry item on your belt loop, keys, or it can be included in an everyday carry bag. I plan to attach mine to the exterior of my EDC bag on the molle looping.

The other day I received my 10 in 1 Paracord EDC Keychain with Waterproof Pill Bottle from SurvivalHax.com. Normally I’m not a big fan of the combo survival items (all in one items). But, I do believe it’s good to have some of the combo items just in case. Especially when it comes to my E.D.C. (every day carry) items or in my E.D.C. bag. Naturally, I want my E.D.C. bag to be light but without sacrificing too much function. My I.N.C.H. (I’m never coming home) bag and B.O.B. (Bug out bag) will have more weight than my E.D.C. bag. But that weight usually comes with more function. With an increase in combo survival items, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

10 in 1 EDC

10 in 1 Paracord EDC Keychain with Waterproof Pill Bottle


The E.D.C. Keychain came very quickly. I’ve ordered lots of items online, as many of you may have as well and it’s reasonable for an item to arrive in a week or so. However, I received the EDC Keychain very quickly. I was impressed with the shipping time. Mine arrived in 3 days. Including Sunday. The E.D.C. Keychain came in a typical padded envelope. Within that envelope the 10 in 1 Paracord EDC Keychain came inside a plastic sleeve. The packaging was as expected.

First Impressions

When I removed the keychain from the plastic sleeve the first thing I noticed was how durable the Waterproof Pill Bottle seemed. It felt thick and of good quality. The second thing I noticed was the black carabiner. It is heavy duty and not bulky like some carabiners. Instead, it is slim and the gate has a strong resistance to keep it closed. So, I won’t be worrying about it coming off by mistake. This is a huge plus for me because I have had issues in the past with cheap carabiners and their gates not having enough resistance.

Product review EDC

What comes with the 10 in 1 Paracord EDC Keychain with Waterproof Pill Bottle?

Well, I’ve already named a couple of items that come with the EDC Keychain but here is everything that’s included and a brief review of each item:

  1. Sturdy black carabiner.
    • Very sturdy and durable carabiner with a slim design and quality gate.
  2. 4 feet of black paracord. (4 feet untied. 3 inches when tied).
    • The cord is tied nice and tight.
  3. Small orange and black whistle.
    • The whistle requires minimal effort to sound and has a high pitch ring to it. It’s attached to the paracord and is made of plastic so it’s very light weight.
  4.  Aluminum alloy waterproof pill container.
    • Very strong and seals tightly when closed. I tested the waterproof claim. I filled my sink up with water and submerged the bottle. No water leaked through the pill bottle at all. From my experience, the pill bottle is indeed 100% waterproof.
Contents inside the waterproof pill bottle.
  1. Fishing line.
    • The fishing line is a typical fishing line. Comes with enough to make a makeshift pole to fish with.
  2. Two hooks.
    •  The hooks are good quality hooks. Will work well for fishing.
  3. Two weights and two floats.
    • The weights and floats are well made.
  4. Two floats.
    • The floats are made well and when I tested them they did their job.
  5. Two Swivels with two sinkers.
    • The swivels each have a sinker attached. The swivels should work fine to serve their purpose. Tangling should not be an issue.
  6. One knife (eye knife). 
    • The knife is thick and has a serrated edge. I would have no problem gutting a fish with this knife.
  7. One fire starter fire bar.
    • I’ve had several similar fire starters in the past and still currently have some. I generated a spark with minimal effort when testing this out.
  8. Tinder cotton.
    • The cotton that is to be used for tinder to start a fire is compressed and would break apart easily to work quickly for starting a fire.
  9. Two small safety pins.
    • Typical small safety pins. As anyone would expect.
  10. Finger Saw.
    • The finger saw is pretty cool. It works well to cut branches. When I tried it out I found it best to put two sticks through the hoops on each end to obtain a good grip and keep a smooth/steady motion for sawing.

As you can see the 10 in 1 EDC keychain comes with a whole lot of tools. Technically, you get 11 separate items that come inside the pill bottle (container). You also receive the pill bottle/container, 4 feet of paracord, whistle, and the carabiner.

EDC Product Review 10 in 1 EDC Product Review 10 in 1 EDC Product Review Paracord



Overall the 10 in 1 Paracord EDC Keychain with pill bottle is a good product loaded with helpful tools for a survival situation. You can keep this keychain on you at all times or attach it to one of your bags for a compact and lightweight fishing kit. The overall weight is 0.14lbs. Very lightweight.

With this EDC keychain, you can fish, prepare the fish and cook the fish. We all know, in a survival situation you are going to need a means to obtain food and a way to start a fire. This creative and effective product assists with doing both of those things. All in one compact, lightweight keychain.

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