As a prepper, it is very important that we take the necessary steps to ensure we keep our information secure. Having a good secure password is not only important for preppers it is important for everybody. But, let’s just discuss the topic in relation to preppers, planners, and homesteaders.

A simple truth is that most people like to keep things simple and easy for them to remember. This includes our passwords for any accounts we have. Whether it be Facebook, twitter, our username for our laptops, online bank account login info, debit/credit card pin numbers, and Wi-Fi passwords. Please keep in mind that if it is easy and convenient for you, it is easy and convenient for someone else as well.  Something most people have in common is that they use one password (the same password) for all of their accounts. Doing this is very convenient and makes things so much easier for us. But, it’s a huge liability. Essentially all someone has to do is figure out one password and they have access to all of your info.


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Nowadays, with so many things being digital, we keep a lot of personal information on our devices. For a lot of people, your cell phone is as important as your wallet or purse. Do you have a lock screen on your phone or tablet? You should. If you left your phone sitting on your desk at work and walked away to go to the restroom for a few minutes, how difficult would it be for somebody to obtain personal information about you by simply browsing through your phone? Most phones have several options when it comes to your phone’s lock screen security. Some models even have a secondary layer of password security. Fingerprints are now being utilized for some brands as well. Nobody should be able to just pick up your phone and swipe the screen to obtain access. Use the lock screen features that your phone offers.

If you are making plans on your laptop, which I’m sure a lot of us are then you need to ensure those plans are not revealed to anybody else. As preppers, we can be even more at risk to be targeted by a hacker than your average person. We keep large supplies of vital resources. Food, water, ammunition, and firearms. All stuff that a lot of people want. After the SHTF, these resources will be worth dying over. In the same way that there are preppers out there like us stocking supplies, there are also preppers out there who are preparing by stocking information about us. Our locations, our plans what supplies we may have, and how many people are included in our plans.

The point is that it is a reality that there are people (including other preppers) out there who want your info. This being said, what steps can be taken to protect it?

While doing my research I came across a USA Today Network article that lists 6 ways to keep your passwords safe.

  1. Use a different password for every website you visit.
  2. Use a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols.
  3. Change your passwords every 3 months.
  4. If it’s hard to remember all of your passwords try a password manager. Here are a couple free apps to help:
  5. Make sure your computer has antivirus software.
  6. Set up two-step logins.


If you want to test your password out to see how long it would take a hacker to figure out the click here and scroll down to “Test a new password”.

As preppers, we need to be more vigilant and take extra steps to secure our information. More so than non-preppers. Especially when it involves our plans, stock or any account information.

Take the steps today. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD!