I recently purchased the conflicted survival scenarios deck of cards game. This is my first deck from them that I’ve owned. I purchased deck#2 out of 7 (8 if you include the new Conspiracy deck). I’m going to give an honest review of the deck first then follow up with my opinion on the conflicted decks.

I plan on collecting all of the decks they offer. As I purchase each deck over time I will add my review of it to this blog post.

First impressions

Deck #2 Survival Scenarios

The package arrived 7 days after I placed my order. The deck of cards came in a commonly used brown shipping envelope. I opened the package up and the box was in great condition. No complaints about the shipping at all.

Later on in the day, I went through every card in the deck. The deck comes with 52 cards that you are able to use to play poker, blackjack and any other games that you would be able to play with a standard deck of cards. 51 of the cards come with SHTF scenarios printed on them. 2 jokers come with the deck. 1 with the rules for the game printed on it and the other with a picture of a bug out bag on it. Oddly, the queen of spades didn’t have a scenario printed on it. Instead, it read,


Card 1 – Joker with rules, Card 2 – Joker with a cool picture on it, Card 3 – Queen with “Submit you scenario” message on it.

“If you think your question is good enough to be in our next CONFLICTED deck, submit it at and if we feature your question, you’ll win a free deck, gear, fame and glory! See the website above for more details.)”

I found this to be a little odd. Why not put that message on the joker card that had a picture of a bug out bag on it and provides an additional scenario? It’s not that big of a deal. But, in some odd way, I feel cheated out of 1 scenario. Did we really need the joker to have a cool picture on it? Not really. I fail to see the significance in doing it the way they did. I’m not sure if all of the deck #2 decks come like this or if it was just mine. But, like I said, it’s not that big of a deal. I do hope the other decks I buy come with 52 scenarios and the “extra” cards being utilized as the instructions or ads. Rather than the usable cards.

Scenario quality

I found the quality of the scenarios to be good overall. They do provide some interesting scenarios. Out of the 51 scenarios, I picked 15 favorites that were of great quality. The majority of the rest were good and a few were kind of silly in my opinion. Every 3 days I plan to post one of the 15 on my Facebook page. Feel free to click here to be directed there and check them out.

Here are a few examples of the quality scenarios that come in the deck.

 My opinion on the Conflicted Survival Card Game

Some people may think the Conflicted Scenario decks are silly but I completely disagree. Anything you can do with fellow preppers to encourage critical thinking and tough decision-making is a good thing. Most of us are always in “what if” mode. Having a resource such as this, that is not only fun to play but useful in ways that no other game is can’t be a bad thing. If you play this game with a few people you plan to have a group with once SHTF you will be exposed to conflicts that your group could possibly face. I encourage every prepper to own one of the decks or all of them. The more scenarios that can be brought to light and discussed among your group the better. This could help you improve your groups’ chain of command and help decide who makes the decisions in your group. It has helped me with building my groups procedures on making the big decisions. It’s important to have a procedure for tough decisions laid out before hand. It will be a lot easier to deal with now rather than waiting until your group is exposed to highly stressful situations and trying to figure it out then.

Stay tuned for more reviews to come soon on each deck. Next, I am going to purchase deck #1. 

To help you get another perspective on the “game” here is another preppers review on the game. Check it out!

Southernprepper1 – Click the link to be directed to his YouTube channel.

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” – Plato