What is a “prepper community”?

A prepper community is a self-sustaining, self-reliant community occupied by like-minded citizens. Mostly sharing the similar idea of a SHTF situation.

Do you like the idea of creating or living in a prepper community?

If so, you may want to consider some of these things. Most preppers like, or at least entertain, the idea of creating a prepper community. I’ve often seen the topic discussed in several prepper groups I’m a member of. I’ve given creating a prepper community some research and thought. Here is what I have come up with.

There are several things to consider. Here are a few:

What type of leadership will your prepper community have?

  • Dictator – One leader who makes most or all of the decisions for the entire group.
    • I strongly advise against giving 1 person this much control.
  • Council – A group of original members of the community that vote on decisions on behalf of the community. They govern the community.
    • You can even have the members of the community vote the council members in or out if you would like.
    • You could/should add term limits to the members of the council.
  • Majority Rule – The citizens of the community will vote on every decision that needs to be made and the majority of the votes decides what will be chosen.
    • This is a “we the people” approach. Some may argue that the community would still need a representative.

Some people may argue that you do not need a “leader”. I disagree. Without a leader how would you decide what course of action to take when things go wrong. You may not need a leader when things are going well but, you will need one when your community is faced with tough issues. While you do need a leader(s), you also need accountability for that leader(s). I am in favor of having a council along with a representative. You can call the representative a president, governor or whatever you like. The council would act similar to the United States congress. The important thing to decide, beforehand,  would be what you specifically want the role of your leader to be. Also, what types of issues should the citizens of the community vote on. Be very specific. I recommend having an odd number of council members and having one president/governor/leader. For example; if your prepper community has 5 members of council and 1 president/governor/leader then anytime the members of council do not agree on something then the 1 leader will be the tie breaker. or If you do not want a president/governor/leader then you can have the citizens vote on whatever issue and the majority of the citizen’s combined votes will count as 1 vote to act as the tie breaker for the council.

(These are just some ideas and suggestions)

What are some important jobs you must have in your community?

There are lots of important jobs and every person’s job is important to the survival of the community. But, there are some “skilled trade” jobs that you will need to recruit for specifically because people with these skills are not as common as others. Skilled Trade Positions

  • Health Services
    • A Doctor or Nurse is a probably the hardest skilled trade position to fill. These people will be extremely valuable to your prepper community.
  • Engineering
    • Engineering has many other jobs related to it. You will need a person that is in charge of your community projects and the tools to do those projects. Your water system, electricity systems, building walls, buildings, roads and other necessary things your prepper community will need.
  • Agriculture Manager
    • Just about anybody can be a farm hand or laborer. But, you will need somebody who really knows their stuff when it comes to farming. Farming is not just growing a garden. You need an exceptional farming system to guarantee food, medicine and a possible trade market for your citizens. This person will be in charge of what is grown when and who grows it. Also, he/she will decide who is in charge of the farm animals.
  • Electricity Manager
    • You need someone who not only has a basic knowledge of electricity but, someone who is proficient in it and can manage a crew.
  • Education Manager
    • Surely you will want your community to be educated and teach the youth essential things. A good education system is necessary to advancing your prepper community from generation to generation.
  • Sherrif/Cheif/Marshal/General or whatever you choose to call him/her
    • You need someone who is in charge of the security and the safety of your community. This person should also be in charge of enforcing any laws or rules you have in place. Having an “election” for the citizens to vote for the person to fill this position is ideal. This person should be held accountable and be able to be voted out if necessary.
  • Communications
    • I think this position speaks for itself.  He/She should have an exceptional knowledge of radio communications, be a licensed HAM radio operator and be able to build/program radio equipment.
  • Mechanic
    • You should try to have several mechanics in your prepper community. They will work on the vehicles and farm equipment. Mechanics are very handy to have around.
  • Builders
    • Masons and carpenters are a skilled trade that will probably be most common to find. But, they are very important to have. It’s better to have too many builders than not enough.
  • Blacksmith
    • Every prepper community should have a blacksmith. Most people think of someone who builds swords and knives when they think about a blacksmith. Truth is, they will also make tools, horseshoes, and lots of everyday items that will make life easier to manage.

Other Positionsplay-your-part

  • Farmers
  • Hunters
  • General Laborers
  • Security personnel
  • Offensive military personnel
  • Child care
  • Spiritual leaders (preachers/pastors. We all need hope)
  • Distiller (someone to make alcohol & other relaxing “potions”)
  • Musicians or Entertainers (in a survival situation having something to distract your thoughts from poo hitting the fan can help take the stress out of the community)
  • Gatherers
  • Ammunition specialists
  • Sewist (tailor, sewer, clothes-maker)

It is recommended to begin building your community before the poo hits the fan. By Building now, before chaos and disorder ensue you increase your odds for success. In fact, there are a number of prepper communities already out there. Some are more private than others. The Citadel is an example of probably the most mainstream prepper community. the-citadel

1 essential thing each member of your prepper community would need to do before joining your community is to humble themselves. I can’t stress enough the importance of being humble and honest to one’s self about their own abilities. Placing people in the role they are the most talented would seem to be very important.

This is not an all-inclusive list. These are just some suggestions gathered through research and opinion.

Here is an example of a prepper community layout I came up with. Anything you would add or take away? Share your thoughts. There will be 4 revisions of this community. (This prepper community layout is being designed for a fiction book that I am currently in the process of writing) Revision #2

Prepper Community

Prepper Community Alpha (revision #2) A self-reliant prepper/homestead community project. Created by: PrepperZero

I’ve posted each revision in several different prepper groups I am a member of on Facebook. I’ve taken hundreds of suggestions for improvements. You can see the changes throughout each revision. *Click on images to enlarge* Revision #3

Prepper Community

Prepper Community Alpha (revision #3) A self-reliant prepper/homestead community project. Created by: PrepperZero

Final Revision. Revision #4

Prepper Community

Revision #4. Final revision. To be used in my book. Book coming soon.