Day ZeroLet’s discuss when day zero is.


Day Zero, not the 2007 movie with Elijah Wood and Shane from The Walking Dead. Day Zero, as in the day the SHTF.

Apparently, the term “day zero” has many different meanings. But, as a prepper, I think you would agree that “day zero” to us, is the day we have to put our survival skills to the test. This is the day when we will have to decide to either, “bug in” or “bug out”.

We will all be in different situations. Some of us are already living in a bug out location (or a homestead) and some preppers have living at their bug out location set as their goal but, aren’t to that point yet. Already living in your bug out location is ideal and I think it is the ultimate goal for most preppers. When it comes down to it, increasing our odds for survival is the reason we do what we do. By not having to travel to a bug out location during a time of crisis increases our odds of survival.

Bug Out.jpgI think the decision to leave everything behind is often underestimated. The difficulty of making that decision is huge. How do you know when it’s truly time to go? On one hand, you don’t want to wait until it’s too late. But, on the other, you want to be certain the current situation is indeed a bug out situation.

“What if I bug out at the wrong time and when I come back it was all for nothing. What if I lose everything because I left when I shouldn’t have?”

How do you know when it’s time to leave?

Every decision you make could be the one to put you in a better or worse situation. When faced with tough decisions, that relate to survival, I think it’s very important to weigh the risks vs the rewards. If the reward outweighs the risks then you should do it. But, this doesn’t mean your reward won’t have some risks. You just have to decide which risks you are willing to take to reach your reward.

Nuclear War – Fallout

nuclear-warLet’s pretend the scenario is a nuclear war. There is a credible threat of a nuclear missile heading your way within a day or two. You are currently located in a potential deadly fallout area. This is obvious that you should leave as soon as you can.


Now, let’s jump to a not so obvious scenario.

Civil Unrest – Riots

The news is showing people going crazy and rioting in the town 5 miles for your home. The riots.jpgGovernor called for a state of emergency. The rioters and looters are destroying everything in their path. They are assaulting anyone in their way. The town that’s 5 miles from you is a commercial area with lots of businesses. The area where you are located is only residential. But, the only way out (by vehicle) is to go through the town that is in chaos. Do you bug out? Or, do you stay? Do you take the risk of driving through the chaos or, do you wait and see what happens next?

What are your thoughts? When would you bug out?

You can have millions of dollars worth of survival gear. But, I think we all agree when I say, knowing how and when to make the right decisions is one of the most important survival techniques to have. The ability to see risk and analyze it is a survival skill that could mean life or death. Putting yourself in the best position possible to succeed is always a number one priority.

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