New to prepping 

This article is written for the person that is brand new to prepping or fairly new to it.

The first thing I suggest is for you to go to Facebook and join some prepper groups. “Prepper Skills” is an informative group with about 40k members. The group is well organized and moderated to keep the group informative. SHTF Prepping & Survival is another active and informative group, among many others. If you don’t have a Facebook, that’s okay. That’s why people like me write blogs like this.

We’re going to start off with the basics. Regardless of the situation, there are basics of survival that are for every situation. I recommend that you start by building a survival bag. In this bag, you will have the bare basics of each important survival necessity. Let’s begin.

  • Survival Bag

Some people call this bag a “Bug out Bag” or B.O.B. Call it what you want but in this bag contains some necessary items that can help you to survive. An example of what a survival bag looks like is a MOLLE bag. They are one of the best types of survival bags because of the ability to customize and add on attachment pouches. In this bag you will need:

  • Shelter
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Food

This doesn’t mean you will actually need fire in your bag. But, you will need a means to make a fire. Tools to help you obtain the items needed for survival. Here are some ideas for each category. These are not all inclusive and can definitely be customized for your personal preference. A common saying among preppers is, “the more you know, the less you have to carry.”

  • Shelter

You have a few options when it comes to shelters.

1) You can buy a portable pre-made shelter, such as a tent.

a) If you can find a good quality tent in your price range that is light weight then go for it. Make sure the tent you buy is good quality and lightweight enough to carry for a long distance.

2) You can carry some basic tools and make one yourself.

a) A tarp is fairly cheap and can keep you out of the elements. There are several ways to rig a tarp or two in order to make a shelter. has an article that briefly touches on tarp shelters.

Shelter image.jpgb) You should obtain a hatchet and/or an ax. With this, you can cut down trees and make a shelter from what nature provides. Every prepper should have a hatchet and an ax. You will also need some sort of rope to tie with. I recommend getting some paracord to add to your survival bag.

You should always try to keep your sleeping area up off of the ground. The ground can lower your body temperature and you want to sleep with as few bugs as possible.

  • Water

As you get more involved with the prepping community you will find that questions about water always come up. From Water storage to making water safe to consume.

1) Get a canteen or a water bottle to keep with your bag.

2) Get some water purification tablets to keep in your bag.Sawyer.jpg

3) One of the best products available today is the sawyer water filtration system. This thing is amazing. It has some competition with the lifestraw but in my opinion, the sawyer is a better choice.

  • Fire

You do not have to go primitive here. It’s common for people to not want to use a lighter. My opinion on the matter is that anything you can do to make surviving a little easier, you should do. Get a pack of BIC lighters. Yes, they will run out. But, until then, it will be fairly easy for you to build a fire. Besides, a prepper should always have more than one way to start a fire. Next, buy a quality Ferrocerium Rod.

Here are some other/more fire starters.

  • Food 

I recommend learning as much as possible about hunting, tracking and wild eatables as possible. Go to the library and check out some books on it. Remember, “the more you know, the less you have to carry.” But, to get you started there are some things you could keep in you bug out bag as far as food and calories go.

1) Survival calorie bars – I’ve tried out lots of different types of these. They are not a primary source of food. They are more of a last resort or something to give you a boost until you get your next meal.

aMayday.jpg) SO.S. Emergency food ration

b) Datrex Calorie food bar

c) Mayday emergency food bar


They are all similar and pretty decent tasting. They are packed with calories. Some preppers don’t like these. But, a lot of preppers do. Watch some reviews on YouTube to figure out which brand you want to try.

2) MRE. Just about everybody knows about MREs. They can be helpful but, in my opinion, they are not cost effective. There are way too many other cost effective options out there. I do have a few of them but, I keep them in my vehicle, not in my survival bag.

3) Make sure you buy a pot to cook in, to keep in your bug out bag. Try to find the lightest one you can. Also, you should keep some silverware in your bag.

4) BEANS! I always keep beans in my bag. Cans of beans can get heavy if you have too many so, I suggest to just have a couple. Many times beans have bailed me out when I was hungry and they have a good shelf life.

Keep in mind that the survival bars, MREs, and beans are all going to deplete. You’ll need to have several other means of obtaining food. Build a fishing kit with some fishing line and hooks. You will need a knife. A good knife. Your knife will help you with just about every task you come across. Without a knife, survival is going to be difficult. A bow and arrow could be handy for hunting. A rifle or firearm of some sort could provide useful in many ways too.

As a prepper, your survival bag should be custom to you. Lots of people can provide helpful advice. But, ultimately, it is up to you. This list of essentials is just that, essentials. Your bag should not only include these types of items but it should also contain much more. A first-aid kit, a change of clothes are other examples. This list is just to get you started in the right direction. Hopefully, it’s helpful. is packed full of useful information for new preppers.